Trade Deadline: Brewers

The 2013 MLB season is half over and the trade deadline is only a month away. So I thought I could look at all the options the Brewers, who most likely will be selling at deadline, can or should do.


1) John Axford: Two reasons why I think John Axford should be the number one guy the Brewers should trade. One because the man has not given up an earned run since mid may and GMs with October on their mind and need serious bullpen help could overpay for a guy like Axford. Number two is because Axford is earning five million this year and with being eligible for arbitration again next year, Axford can even demand even more that Brewers who are thinking about going into rebuilding mode do not want to pay five million plus for a relief that has a serious head problems when his game is off.

2) Francisco Rodriguez: Unlike Jose Valverde with the Detroit Tigers, the plan to sign Rodriguez on a minor league deal and have him prove to Brewers and the rest of the MLB that he has still got it has worked out perfectly for the Brewers. The Brewers are now in position to shop Rodriguez to a playoff contender and get back a minor league player or two to help restock the weak farm system of the Brewers.


1) Rickie Weeks: In the past season and half the Brewers and fans have seen roughly 6 extremely bad months for Weeks and 3 extremely good months for Weeks. His latest month might have been just what the Brewers needed to help him get off the roster. The biggest problem for the Brewers is the salary Weeks commands that might scare off teams because of his inconsistent play; 2013- 10 million, 2014- 11 million, 2015(player option)- 11.5 million. If the Brewers can find a team to play with Weeks should definitely be shipped with Scooter Gennett waiting in triple A to get consistent playing in the Majors.

2) Aramis Ramirez: The biggest concern for teams looking at acquiring a third baseman or maybe a DH and are thinking about Ramirez is his age(35) combine with the salary he commands; 2013- 10 million, 2014- 16 million, 2015(mutual option; age 37)- 4 million. However the proven fact that Ramirez gets stronger as the season ages and if the Brewers are willing to pay some of the contract, Doug Melvin should be hearing plenty of offers for Ramirez come deadline that should help stock the Brewers’ minor leagues.

3) Norichika Aoki: In his second season in the MLB the biggest thing Aoki has proven is that he is a very streaky hitter. However for teams that need outfield help for a deep run into October, Aoki looks pretty appetizing. With above average defense, good speed on the bases, and along with a very fair salary; 2013- 1.25 million and 2014(club option) 1.5 million, Aoki could be one of the best pieces on the market this July. For the Brewers they have Braun and Gomez locked up for the next few seasons and the emergence of Logan Schafer who has better defense and speed makes Aoki expendable.


1) Yovani Gallardo: As some of my friends know I am a big Yo supporter, so this slightly breaks my heart even mentioning him but we could see Gallardo in a different jersey come this August. Gallardo has had a down year this but has somewhat turned it around. Coming into his prime at age 27 along with being locked down through 2015 and his previous history(the past four seasons) averaging a 3.68 era, 15 wins, 30+ starts, and 200+ Ks puts the Brewers in the driver seat for teams contacting them about acquiring Yo and could really build the Brewers’ farm system.

2) Kyle Lohse: Another starting pitcher for the Brewers, Lohse has really turned it around in June. The past few seasons had put Lohse as one of the best starters in the league, but with a less than stellar start to the season for himself and the Brewers, Lohse’s name hasn’t been heard as much when he was with the Cardinals. Teams looking for starting pitching at the deadline the Brewers could part way with Lohse. The biggest problem for the Brewers if they do choose to try to trade Lohse is similar to Ramirez with age(34) and salary; 11 million for 2014 and 2015.

OTHER BREWERS THAT COULD BE TRADED: Tom Gorzelanny, Mike Gonzalez, and Jonathan Lucroy or Martin Maldonado but not both.


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